Six Years of Service (Mark Gorski)

Cpl. Tan said:

"We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf”. A quote by George Orwell which is apt for PFC Gorski. When Cpl Tan and his men are pinned, they can rely on one man to move around and kick the enemy’s ass from behind. On multiple occasions, this guy made the difference by mowing down the enemy on the flanks and appearing in unexpected corners, PFC Gorski is a veteran combatant. That should come as no surprise given that he has now reached 6 years of service, and is to be awarded his 12th army of occupation medal and 3rd WWI victory medal but that is not all… For tales of such feats can only be worthy of a Sharpshooter Rifleman Badge, of which he is being awarded right now. Congratulations!

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Let’s goo! Hope to see many more of these Gorski!

Congratulations PFC!
Thank you for your time and dedication!

Congrats PFC!

WOOO! Congrats PFC!