Six Years of Service (Ross J. Chandonnet)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

T/5 Chandonnet has been here for six whole years already! Started out as an Able man, he’s one of the oldest members in Dog Company. He’s been giving the enemies hell through six continuous years of drills and winning both of the scrims he was in. He tried out clerk and they love him so much he even got the Armed Forces Service Medal! In short, we’re blessed to have such a chill and seasoned veteran with us and plus, he’s SSgt. Wimpf’s favorite guy in the platoon, and everyone else’s too, certainly.


Congratulations T/5 Chandonnet!

big man


Congratulations T/5 Chandon, here’s to many more!

Congrats T/5, we all appreciate your hard work!

6 perfect years I’m sure!