Tabletop Simulator Game Night (5:30 on Sundays)

@Mdawg221 and I got to talking, and realized that we are very lonely in the Tabletop Sim world. So now we are inviting you to join us on Saturdays at 8pm EST to throw some cards or roll 'em dice! Not sure what games we are going to play yet so if you have suggestions comment below.

sounds awesome, I’d love to join. some kind of tabletop rpg could be fun

I have so many great games saved. Yes. I’ll likely be there unless I have to be domestic.


Definitely going to be there for next week. Thanks @Hwacha_self

Glad you enjoyed it! Hope we can get some more people with us. Definitely a good night. To be completely honest I had no clue how it was going to go!

We have now moved the time to be at 5:30pm EST on Sundays.

Hell yeah we have, JOIN US!

Today we played Monopoly Express which is a card game version of Monopoly where you have to get three color sets to win. Then we played Gravwell, how would you describe that game @KNIFE?

We played Monopoly DEAL. Express is another great game that simulates all the fun of Vegas with no STDs.

Gravwell was described as candyland because its a race, however it uses really unique movement mechanics to (usually) ruin both your opponents plans as well as your own.

Ohhhhh. Hope you guys join us later this week, we are always open on suggestions about what to play!