Ten Years and Six Months of Service (Carl J. Ternby)

Sgt. Falenty said:

T/4 Ternby 21 is an interesting number. For some of us, it might be reminiscent of the current year - 2021. For others, it might be closer to their age, or the legal drinking age in America, for example. For T4 Ternby however, 21 is the number of Army of Occupation medals he has amassed to this day. To those that can’t count that fast, it is the equivalent of 10 years and 6 months of service on our T4s back. That’s a lot of weight he’s carrying, so let’s all make sure he’s recognized for it.T4 Ternby, I present to you, your 21st Army of Occupation Medal. Congratulations

Congrats T/4!

Congratulations T/4!

nice :slight_smile:

A decade and then some, solid dedication T/4.

Grattis T/4!!!

Congratulations T/4, it’s great to see you are still with us!

Good to see you going strong, T/4