Ten Years of Service (Clint P. Simpson)

Cpl. Jordan said:

“Holy Hannah!” is one way I would word my response to seeing that T/5 Simpson has finally reached his 10th year with us here in the 29th. Long predating my service in DP2S3, he’s been here since Able and the days of RS1, and I’ve remembered him since my joining of the squad. Always a dependable rifleman, and further, a dependable squadmate, I am glad to still have one of the old guard with us still in DP2S3. Not many from those days remain, especially in the spiritual successor to Able, or even in the 29th as a whole. 10 years represents dedication above all, and that is one of the words I would use to describe Simpson’s service with us. T/5 Simpson has amazingly accredited his 20th AOCC and his 5th WW1 Victory Medal, with the groundbreaking achievement of 10 years with the 29th as a whole. Congratulations, T/5 Simpson, and here’s to 11!


Oh boy, 10 years!



I never realized you had been around as long as you had! I’m glad you’ve stuck around here’s to many more in the 29th!