Three Years and Six Months of Service (Aaron Mattox)

Cpl. Wintson said:

Few members in DP2S1 can say that they have had as large of an impact on the squad as PFC Mattox has. What has made him so important is the fact that PFC Mattox has cemented himself as one of the most recognizable personas, and ultimately one of the biggest morale boosters in the squad. Whenever PFC Mattox attends a drill, his kind attitude is always present, and he consistently demonstrates an eagerness to help out and listen to his fellow squadmates in both gameplay and non-gameplay matters. Furthermore, PFC Mattox’s status as one of the most veteran riflemen in the squad means that he is exceptionally skilled and can reliably acquire both kills and trades throughout a round. Also, PFC Mattox is a consistent presence outside of drills, meaning that he contributes to squad culture by playing games outside of drills with his fellow 29thers. Therefore, congrats PFC Mattox on 3 years and 6 months in the unit, and I hope you remain in DP2S1 for even longer!

Damn Broham, you are just a little bit behind me. I didn’t realize you were such an old dog.