Three Years and Six Months of Service (Andrs Hesse)

Cpl. Frank said:

Ah, PFC Hesse. He is a delight to have in DP3S1. It is hard to believe that it’s been three and a half years of rifle grenades and flamers. All of DP3S1 enjoys his dry wit and humor, not to mention the terrifyingly accurate rifle grenades. PFC Hesse forces DP3S1 to call out our bad marks, otherwise an explosion will occur! His flair to be dramatic never fails to entertain the squad. We all need to relax, laugh, and have a good moment; and PFC Hesse delivers. Keep up the excellent Combat Engineering, and especially using the flamethrower! Congratulations on your 7th AOCC, PFC Hesse, and here is to many more!