Three Years and Six Months of Service (Brett M. Formosa)

Sgt. Garrett said:

Every now and then, there is someone who comes along that you just harmonize with while achieving something together. A perfect example would be Cpl. Formosa - except, this is no rarity with him. Our squad is full of some of the most diverse characters in the unit, from the calm but goofy T/5 Merrill, to the exceptionally different PFC Boots that cannot be be summarized by any writable form of language. Cpl. Formosa was welcomed by all in the squad with open arms when he joined the squad, which is quite the feat. Without our ASL, the squad would not be in nearly as good of a place as it is, and I’ll be grateful for all of the time we’ve spent together so far. Whoops, my emotional rendering thread was given too much runtime on that last one, I will reduce the “sappiness” coefficient and continue. In summary, the past 1.0164659e+18 vibrations of a Cesium-133 atom have been acceptable, beyond what I was programmed to expect from primitive lifeforms. Your co-processing has been appreciated, Cpl. Formosa.

I KNEW S3 was just 2 processors in a trench coat