Three Years and Six Months of Service (George Lungu)

Cpl. van Gastel said:

PFC Lungu, once again being called to the front of our platoon. For once it isn’t for his outstanding skill and discipline, but for the fact that PFC Lungu has been with us for three and a half years already! This man has been here to see the glory days of Rising Storm and the beginnings of Rising Storm 2 only to come to Charlie, where obviously, he still remains today! He’s always a jolly fellow, with humor on the side but also a spammer of his antique collection pieces! Another very welcomed member of S2 and for this, on his road to his second rainbow medal, we give him his 7th AOCC, Congratulations PFC Lungu, keep collecting and improving!


Congrats PFC!

Glad to have you with us Lungu! Congratulations!

Wooo. Congrats, PFC Lungu!

Congrats PFC!

Congrats Lungu!

Congratulations PFC!

Nice work!

Congratulations PFC Lungu!

Nice going PFC.