Three Years and Six Months of Service(George S. Lebedev)

2Lt. Wright said:

Sgt. Lebedev is a myth of a man, some say he doesn’t exist and others say he doesn’t understand basic maths. One thing I know to be true is he is a Squad Leader of EP1S1. His Squad likes him (Somehow) and find his leading style to be one of great pleasure. He is quite a funny fella and even in times of hardship in personal matters, he does his duties to the fullest.
No surprise that the 3 and a half years Sgt. Lebedev has done so well in the 29th not only being a Squad leader but also a DI. I hope we have many more years with Sgt. Lebedev in the 29th as they have been a real joy.
Congratulations on your 7th AOCC

EP1 would not be the same without this guy