Three Years and Six Months of Service (Jonas J. Gates)

Cpl. Tan said:

For a ship’s voyage to be successful, every captain needs an effective and responsible deputy, a second in command to back him up. Squads in the 29th are not much different. A chief mate provides constructive feedback about decisions a captain makes, provides an extra set of senses to maintain welfare of a crew, and covers for the captain when necessary. Cpl Tan feels lucky to have PFC Gates do all of this and exceed expectations in steering s1 throughout 2021. Since he joined s1 he has not only become an highly skilled infantry leader and combatant, but also gained the respect of the men of s1. To mark 3.5 years of service to the 29th PFC Gates is awarded the seventh army of occupation medal. Congrats.

Congratulations PFC!
Great to have you with us! Thank you for your time and dedication!

Congrats PFC! Your presence is a big thing for us here!

Congratulations PFC! Glad to have you here! Respect!