Three Years and Six Months of Service (Mathieu C. Tremblay)

TSgt. Newton said:

I have known 2Lt. Tremblay for a long time. I have watched him grow up in the 29th sense from my position back in S3, while he came up in S2. He was an AR initially and wasn’t on my radar, but after he got into SLT I started to see him a lot more in platoon meetings and what not and I also took more notice of him after he ditched his AR roots for the correct path of Kaboom. He’s been a stellar guy to have in the platoon, both as a leader and as a CE and I have always had respect for him despite him spelling his first name incorrectly. These last 6 months have been better than the 3 years prior as he has really come into his own as our platoon leader and it has been great working alongside him to build the kaboom platoon and I look forward to seeing him in 6 months for his double rainbow.