Three Years and Six Months of Service (Nicholas M. Hussey)

Cpl. Burlock said:

T/5 Hussey has been around the block. I remember him during my brief time in the unit in 2019 where he was PFC in EP3S4 and then him being transferred to EP2S2 as the Assistant Squad Leader. While guesting his drills as a PFC myself, Hussey was a stand up ASL, a wealth of knowledge and good leadership. His crewman skills were and continue to be a commendable attribute that he possesses. After a brief 1.5 year long hiatus from the unit, Hussey returned to EP2S2 where he is now our squad crewman. His humour and personality has made him a great member of the squad and his veteran 29th experience, along with other long term members in EP2S2, have made us a very mature squad. I’d like to personally congratulate T/5 Hussey, as someone who has been here through a lot of his service. Both Cpl. Sabith and I are grateful to have you in the squad. Cheers to 3 and a half years.