Three Years and Six Months of Service (Refik C. Devseli)

Cpl. Lorne said:

I am not sure where to start with this guy, I am not simping, but during my time in the 29th in various companies and squads, having seen different leaders and methods, I have to say: Corporal Devseli is one of the hardest working Squad Leaders I have ever seen in the 29th. He treats EP1S3 on a daily basis like it is his university homework due in 5 hours, it feels like he puts strong focus and care to the Squad constantly, making sure everything is going smoothly for everyone in the squad, furthermore he does not shy away from challenges and on top of it he makes everything fun with a sprinkle of his contagious optimism on top. Theres a lot to say, but in general he is truly one of the greatest squad leaders to work together with. He has now reached another 6 month marker, having served Three Years and Six Months, earning his 7th Army of Occupation Medal, Congratulations!

Congratulations Corporal!

Ask this man to help you out with something and I guarantee you he will gladly do that. It’s great having you around “Cpl. sir Devseli”. We all really wish to see you for many more AoCCs to come. Until then, congratulations!

Congratulations my friend! So many served months passed and so many ahead! Stick around for another 3.5 years at least :wink: .
Really proud of you my friend! :slight_smile: