Three Years and Six Months of Service(Stijn Hapers)

2Lt. Wright said:

Cpl. Hapers is well known in the Rainbow Six community, his job which is by definition very simple by describing what is happening on the screen before him. He took some time off the 29th but when he returned he had to hit the ground running by becoming an ASL.
It was a steep learning curve but he handled it well and became a fine leader within his Squad. His Squad enjoys his drills and crazy tactics (in which I think are silly but somehow work). He has also taken up plenty of supporting roles within the 29th making him a great asset to the whole of the 29th as well as EP1.
We hope we have more years of Cpl. Hapers and being here for Three and a Half years he has done so much.
So Congratulations on your 7th AOCC