Three Years and Six Months of Service (Victor M. Lopez)

Cpl. Dawdy said:

I first met PFC Lopez back in AP2S3 as a exceptional machine gunner. So you can imagine how excited I was to learn that PFC Lopez would be joining DP3S4 as the new ASL. Straight from day 1 he has exhibited sought after traits of a great ASL, with his kindly supervision over the squad, great enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn despite him being older than I in service record! Thank you PFC Lopez for being part of DP3 and being the ASL of DP3S4, I look forward to seeing you become a unique and distinct leader within Dog Company. Obedience is but self-command and who commands himself is best learning to command others. And as always, “Stick Around” - Alan “Dutch” Schaefer.

congrats my man

One day I’ll steal you back, but for now, congratulations on getting old Lopez!