Three Years of Service (Aaron J. Mattox)

Cpl. Winston said

When I graduated from BCT with him, I had no idea how big of an impact PFC Mattox would have on not only the people around him but also myself. Over the years, PFC Mattox has grown to be one of the most important members of the squad in terms of his rifle skills and benefit to the morale of the squad. Skill-wise, Mattox can always be depended upon to accomplish any task set ahead of him. However, Mattox truly shines in how he can always provide an element of cheer as well as an uplifting mood no matter what the situation is. Recently, this attitude has been a great benefit during DBOTS preparation as he is a wonderful source of stress relief after drills. Therefore, congrats PFC Mattox on reaching a whole 3 years in the unit, I’m glad to call you my friend and I’m proud to have you in my squad.


Glad to have you in my squad TP Buddy!