Three Years of Service (Adam S. Capwell)

2Lt. Dawdy said:

Cpl. Capwell has been a long standing member of leadership in DP3, starting out as the ASL of DP3S1 and now their current SL. A highly dedicated member to his craft, he has oversaw personally the development of not only his squad’s performance. But also, the performance of the crewman in his squad. Taking time outside of drill to personally oversee and practice with his squad to enhance their combat effectiveness. Aside from dedication to his own squad, his diligence can be seen with him guesting squads across the company continuously. Cpl. Capwell has set the example for others to follow throughout his 3 years of service, and today we are recognizing him for his 6th AOCC. Congratulations Cpl. Capwell and as always “Stick Around ” - Alan “Dutch” Schaefer.