Three Years of Service (Brett M. Sutera)

Cpl. Maestas said:

Well well well… I didn’t think in a million years I’d be sitting here writing my former Squad leader a quote but oh how the tables have turned so to speak. T/4 Sutera has always been my main role model. On day one I got assigned to his squad. He welcomed me and made the 29th appeal to me in inspiring ways. I will say those days were some of the best moments I’ve had in the 29th. With all that nice stuff out of the way T/4 Sutera is an excellent member of the 29th, even though he might die first every drill, has a 3d printer and sounds like kermit. He has a way of making those around him comfortable and feel welcomed in his presence. All that aside this old timer has reached his third year in the unit making this his sixth AoCC!! Congrats T/4 Sutera and hope to see you still here in 10 years!



Congratulations, T/4!

Welcome back, never leave again.


Look at this guy, movin right along