Three Years of Service (Gerard B. Demigo)

Cpl. Martin said:

All I can say is that this is one dedicated member of the 29th! PFC Demigo has more than made his mark in DP1 on many occasions. It has been a joy to watch him grow into a very effective submachine gunner able to go toe to toe, with some very experienced PFCs and take them out with ease. He has really pushed his abilities through the last 3 years to the point that he is now a very experienced ordinance instructor able to pass on his vast knowledge of the game and of his AIT to other members looking to expand their gameplay horizons. It must be said that this member has shown a lot of enthusiasm and would faithfully wake up at near the crack of dawn to attend drills (as well as DBotS). Evening for us is always 3-4am for him and it baffled me how this guy could wake up so early and still function through the day! He has become a vital part of the squad, always cheerful, always keen and able to take on any challenge no matter the odds stacked against us. This level of dedication has made him into a well-polished fighter and a very precise instructor. I am proud to know him and have him in my Squad! His exploits are endless really, you could easily write a list. He was crucial in the last DBOTS competition in 2021 and has carried over that same dedication to this year also were I have seen some excellent performance and discipline. Therefore, I am pleased to award him his 6th AOCC! Well done PFC Demigo keep aiming high and shooting straight!

Congratulations PFC Demigo, good to have you around!

Congratulations PFC Demigo!