Three Years of Service (Joseph E. Gunn)

Cpl. Lance said:

Cpl. Gunn gives a lot to this unit. His dedication to his squad, platoon and all the men within it is inspiring. He always finds time to help someone whether it’s a fresh Private or a veteran PFC and I owe a lot to his helpful nature. When I first joined EP2S2 Cpl. Gunn had been keeping things together alone for almost 3 months. Through thick and thin with his squad and coming off a close game in BBOTS he stayed with his guys and kept the morale and still found time to train up a fresh ASL and several Privates. Always a tenacious individual, he’s been elevating the 29th for 3 years and I’m excited for 3 more. Congratulations on your 6th AOCC Cpl. Gunn!


That’s some well spent time Cpl. Congratulations on the milestone and I hope to see you for many more!