Three Years of Service (Nicholas A. Mellinger)

Cpl. Maestas said:

Well where to start… A Long time ago in a platoon far away called EP4 there was this guy Sgt. Mellinger I never thought I’d be running a squad with him someday in FP2S2 but here we are. I have to say Sgt. Mellinger has taught me almost everything I know about being a leader and a good ASL at least I think I’m good at all those things. He has pushed me more and more to become the 29th member I am today. I would even say he was my mentor in a way but enough about me today he is hitting his milestone of 3 years in the unit! I have to say that’s a long time, his dedication and experience shows wonders on and off the battlefield! Congratulations, hope to see you here for your 6 years!!

you’re a good guy

Congratulations Sergeant!
Thank you for your time and dedication!

Congratulations Sergeant! The time and dedication really shows off.

Congrats, Chief!
That’s three times my service time! Respect!

I’m sorry you’ve been here HOW long? Congrats miss the days of debauchery back in EP4S2 together.


Congrats Sgt.!