Three Years of Service (Richard T. Vu)

Cpl. Knife said:

“Fundamentally the marksman aims at himself” -DT Suzuki
PFC Vu is on the fast track towards a promotion. As a soldier in the 29th, self improvement is crucial to the development and advancement of one’s career within our ranks. PFC Vu has dedicated his time and skills to his company, platoon, and squad to a level that has not only gotten him several medals, but through his work and self improvement; PFC Vu is our platoon sniper, twice awarded. I am confident that his station and skills will continue to improve and sharpen and this is evident because we are here to celebrate a mere 3 years within the 29th and already so many awards and more importantly, leadership’s eyes are upon his achievements. Congratulations on 3 years with the 29th and here is to many more in your bright future within our company.