Three Years of Service (Tim N. Steinbarth)

Cpl. Hapers said:

Cpl. Steinbarth, what should I say about the grumpy German? Should I tell a story about how T/4 Kardell bullies him during BCT which made Cpl. Steinbarth decide to take him on a romantic holiday, his love for the “accuracity” of marksman rifles, his boomer technology skills, his special use for a C4 charge or his hatred for, his words, not mine; “Tin cans” one thing is for certain. Cpl. Steinbarth has just unlocked an achievement which won’t be reached by the masses. Congratulations with your Automatic Rifle Sharpsh- I am just kidding, congratulations on your 6th AOCC Corporal!


Ugh, you are still here? Darn it. Congratulations on three years, hope to see you around for many more!

Long way my friend. Glad you’re still here, I’ll let you decide whether that’s a lie or not. Congratulations on the sixth one, looking forward to the seventh!