Transfer: Uki (EP4S1 to CP2S1)


SUBJECT: Notice of Soldier Transfer

The following soldier of the US Army in the 29th Infantry Division has been
officially transferred to the listed assignment and position, effective
at the time of signature.

Tim S. Uki
Soldier’s Name (Type or Print)

Army Serial Number

Easy Company, Fourth Platoon, First Squad / Rifleman
Former Assignment / Position

Charlie Company, Second Platoon, First Squad / Rifleman
New Assignment / Position

Authorized Signature

Command Sergeant Major / Regiment SNCO / Regiment, HQ
Rank / Position / Assignment

Ramses M. Conrad
Name (Type or Print)

April 24th, 2023

sad to see you go man, have fun in Charlie!

Oh Uki, I hope you will come and guest to our drills from time to time!

Enjoy Charlie! Show them your tactics knowledge!

Uki we will miss you man!
Thank you so much for everything you brought to us!
I will miss your tactical talk, planning so much :frowning:

I hope you have a great time in the future!

Thanks for everything!

Welcome to Charlie Company! Looking forward to working with you in the field.