Two Years and Six Months of Service (Adam S. Capwell)

Sgt. Dawdy said:

Cpl. Capwell has just reached over 2 years and 6 months of service in the unit, and during this time he has found several means of supporting the unit. Firstly, as the assistant squad leader of DP3S1, continuing the development of a strong and tight-knit squad. Secondly, aiding the finance corps as a finance clerk and adjutant corps as the senior adjutant monitor. Finally, donating to the unit as a whole, allowing for us to function as an organization and the facilitations of our drills. Outside of these, Cpl. Capwell can often be found guesting other squad drills, supporting other squads in their own development and the development of the guesting team. I’m quite fortunate to have Cpl. Capwell as a member of leadership in DP3, I look forward to your further development as a leader and contributions to the unit! As always “Stick Around ” - Alan “Dutch” Schaefer.