Two Years and Six Months of Service (Alexander Boots)

Sgt. Garrett said:

The resident grenadier of FP1S3 has returned! When PFC Boots rejoined to the squad after a brief ELOA, he had a profound effect on morale instantaneously. As soon as he entered the channel, everyone was welcoming him back and our game play was the best in weeks. I’ve haven’t seen anyone else have such an impact by simply attending a drill in a long time. To say we enjoy having PFC Boots in the squad is an understatement - and we’ve had the privilege to have him with us for two and a half years now. When he’s not inspiring the squad with his mere presence, he’s an excellent grenadier that racks up the kills. I don’t know how he does it with his lower FPS, but somehow he still manages to take down those with NASA level computers and internet that isn’t powered by a hamster wheel. Congratulations on your two and half years, PFC Boots!