Two Years and Six Months of Service (Artyom A. Chyorny)

2Lt. Griffin said:

Cpl. Chyorny has served DP1 with distinction for quite some time now, he has now been a leader within our Platoon for longer than the time he spent as a fresh private and PFC. The last 6 months have been especially busy for him, embracing his new role as GMT DI and also finally making his arrival into the NCO club, whilst the time has now come that he unfortunately must spend some time away, I want to celebrate all the achievements he has made during his time here, so please congratulate the Corporal on 2 years and 6 months of service, with the award of his 5th AOCC!

Congrats Cpl. Chyorny!

Congratulations Corporal!

Congratulations Cpl. Chyorny. It is sad to see you go but come back soon!