Two Years and Six Months of Service (Baxter P. Van West)

Cpl. Forest said:

Ole’ PFC Van West. What a lad. Now I know there’s the age old curse that Van West Bears of either dying first or popping off. And honestly the curse might be real. But damn, when he doesn’t get slapped off the rip, this guy tears enemies up big time. Van West is a rare breed that only a small percentage of players fall under. Unlike many of our guys who rely on aim, reaction time, and “sending it”, Van West is a thinker. He constantly makes smart plays that nets a lot of kills for himself and his timing is impeccable. He excels in close range combat and is our squad’s best communicator. I am very glad to have this man in our squad as he is someone I can always rely on to get the job done when I need it.

Congratz Van West!

Glad to have you in my squad, Van West! Congrats on your 5th AoCC, I hope to see you for your 6th!