Two Years and Six Months of Service (Jake Lee)

Cpl. Winston said:

In the 29th, few can match the effect that Cpl. J. Lee has had on his squad, platoon, and unit as a whole. First and foremost, Cpl. J. Lee’s most noticeable feature is his role as a squad leader. After returning from his brief tenure in DP3, Cpl. J. Lee immediately set himself to improving and preparing the squad for DBOTS through taking an active role on and off the field. Outside of DBOTS, Cpl. J. Lee displays his dedication to the 29th through maintaining a constant presence in the TeamSpeak and interacting with squad and non-squad members. Furthermore, his roles in Lighthouse, Civil Affairs, and Camera Crew have allowed him to continue taking an active part in the 29th. Cpl. J. Lee is also continuously willing to listen and go out of his way to help and work with his fellow squad members to improve their in-game performance and roles as 29th members. These qualities, as well as many more, are just part of the reasons why Cpl. J. Lee is such an important member of the 29th. So congrats, Cpl. J. Lee, on two years and six months of service, and hopefully many more in the future!






Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Getting extra old now, Corporal!

give this man the rank of sgt

Congrats buddy, glad to have you around.

Congrats Jake Jake!

Congrats on being old!

Congrats Cpl., few can match your dedication, and we are all the happier for it!

good man

Very nice!

Congratulations Cpl.!

Congrats Cpl.! Glad to work with you in Lighthouse!

Goodman, our platoon wouldn’t be the same without you

Congrats Cpl! Realmente no eres un saco huea pero si un muy buen weon