Two Years and Six Months of Service (Joshua D. Merrill)

Sgt. Garrett said:

Wow, T/5 Merrill would be a nightmare to go up against. Unfortunately, the squad has experienced such an event, and him wiped us off the face of the earth. However, that only happened once in the two and a half years we’ve had our marky boy with us. This is a man that has had bounties placed on his head, clutched rounds against countless enemies, pistol whipped other marksmen, popped people in mid air, and even took multiple tank rounds to the face. One of those earned him his nickname, “tank bait”. I’ll let you guess which one. Regardless, we’ve all been thrilled to fight alongside T/5 Merrill. Even if he’s not with the squad, we know he’ll be somewhere, watching over us. Congrats on two and a half years, keep up the fantastic work!