Two Years and Six Months of Service (Mihaly A. Vilzom)

Cpl. S. Garcia said:

PFC Vilzom has continued to demonstrate what an ideal squad member should be. From guesting when able, being promptly on time, and having some gameplay skills to back it up. Vilzom has continued to demonstrate himself on and off the field as the ideal soldier. I am glad that I convinced him to join our squad all that time ago. I am glad he has decided to pursue the dark side that is leadership, with his SLT training underway. Congratulations on 2 and a half years, and I look forward to seeing you earn plenty of more of these awards. Congratulations Vilzom!

Congrats Vilzom, can’t wait to attend more of your drills!

nice going Vilzom!

Congrats Vilzom!

I cry tears of joy

Good work Vilzom!