Two Years and Six Months of Service (Norbert K. Falenty)

2lt. Stray said:

It has been a whole year since I have had the pleasure of writing an army of occupation medal for Cpl. Falenty, seeing as SSgt. Vandewalle did the last. It’s during the write-up for these that I look closely at the history of those in the platoon, and it amazes me that Cpl. Falenty has been with us for only 2 and a half years given all his accomplishments. It is only when you wear the mantle of leadership here in the 29th that you begin to understand the efforts that the Cpl. Falenty has poured into his squad, toeing the line between friend and leader to be the best of both. Bad experiences do not put him off as he seeks to improve himself so that he can be a reliable leader for his squad. Every dutiful, attentive, and seeking a better future for those around him, I could not ask for a primer example of leadership. There are some things you cannot teach here on the 29th and that is your core drive and Cpl. Falenty has had the spark since day 1. It is my pleasure to award Cpl. Falenty his 5th army of occupation medal, congratulations!


Good to have you with us Corporal!