Two Years and Six Months of Service (Oskar G. Apperley)

Cpl. Lorne said:

To me it will always feel like PFC Apperley joined in the current year, but when thinking of EP1S3’s Old Guard, one can not leave him out from that list, as he is most certainly one of the core members of the squad and that for quite some time now.
Throughout all that time, Apperley has been a real team player, no matter the situation or the mood, he does not bail on the squad and does everything expected of him, he is one of the greatest contributors to communications and teamplay in S3 in general, which has inspired a big impact on the squad it self in recent months and still does.
Now that I am an ASL in this squad, I can’t help but notice even more Apperley’s contribution and eagerness to learn and improve, making him an exemplary PFC, I am happy that this man is in my squad.
I would like everyone to join me in congratulating PFC Apperley for Two years and Six Months of Service, making him eligible for his fifth Army of Occupation Medal, congratulations!

Making us Brits proud, congratulations PFC

It’s great having you around PFC Apperley, congratulations my friend. Hope to see you for many more!