Two Years and Six Months of Service (Robert J. Wood)

Cpl. Burlock said:

2 and a half years with PFC Wood in EP2S3. First things first, this guy is one wicked player with a CE and has coached and assisted many others in perfecting their skills. Having two superior CE’s in EP2S3 has been critical in our development over the last years. Along the way Wood has always had some good advice and criticism for anyone in the squad specifically about communications between all members. He, along with myself and Sgt. Leliveld, pushed for a reunified com structure and it has worked excellently. I personally want to thank PFC Wood for his time here in the unit, your expertise and knowledge and desire to always develop. Keep up all the great things you’ve done in the last 2 and a half years.


Nice job, you’ve been a real help to the unit!

We have come a long way man. Your input during drills have helped us become who we are as a squad. Hope you stay with us a while longer