Two Years and Six Months of Service (Sam J. Dixson)

Sgt. Hanley said:

It is somewhat unbelievable that PFC Dixson has been in Dog Company for a full five AOCC awards now. This is until at least it is understood that this time is secretly a measure of dedication, passion, and commitment, all of which translate through practice on the battlefield and getting you, me, and everyone else killed. The old paraphrased 29th motto “Everyone turned up and got shot” is certainly true for PFC Dixson, an elite AIT-user with leadership aspirations, who can easily gun down everyone in his path with various submachine guns and deletes his enemies indoors with room-clearing shotgun blasts. It is the time and effort that PFC Dixson has put into the unit that has built up this skill, and it is his friendly, funny, and above all else, professional attitude when it comes to competition that his reputation for his abilities is matched only by his likability as a 29th member. Everyone hopes PFC Dixson continues his career, expanding in many directions, for endless AOCCs to come.