Two Years and Six Months of Service (Tim N. Steinbarth)

Cpl. Hapers said:

Cpl Steinbarth has only recently been introduced to the ways of EP1S2 after he had been brainwashed by Cpl. Hatfield, but besides that brainwash he quickly came to learn and love the culture in EP1S2 and in return we all quickly got fond of Cpl. Steinbarth as well. It is however, believe it or not, time for an award that Cpl. Steinbarth has earned with his very presence inside the 29th, his 5th of its kind, so with that I congratulate you Cpl. Steinbarth, with your 5th AOCC.

Time flies doesn’t it. I remember back when he had just gotten his 3rd AoCC. Regardless, great addition to BCT, amazing fellow leadership member in EP1. Sometimes too German, but we love him for who he is. Congratulations!

Congratulations Corporal Steinbarth!