Two Years and Six Months of Service (Tony A. Stephens)

Cpl. Regan said:

I’ve seen many senior NCOs describe the cycle of life that is the 29th, and now I can say that I understand them. When Stephens first joined FP1S1 he joined as our new squad leader. We were happy to have another enthusiastic leader and life was good. Until life wasn’t good and Stephens had to leave us, at which point in time myself and Cpl. Knight took over leadership of the squad. Until once again life intervened and Cpl. Knight was no longer with us, but alas Stephens had returned. So now as the new squad leader of S1 I find myself writing congratulations to Stephens on his many months of service with the 29th, and in his time he’s done quite a bit. He’s earned a sharpshooter badge, he’s lead a squad and now he’s back for more. We’re very happy to have his him and his skills helping us achieve victory. Here’s to 1 step closer to double rainbow Stephens. Good luck