Two Years and Six Months of Service (Wiktor A. Traciak)

Cpl. Van Gastel said:

Before us stands a well-known and respected PFC who’s done some very impressive kickassery in his time in CP2. PFC Traciak isn’t afraid to improve and educate himself, but also those who need it within squad 2. With this, he has gained a great skill set in both using his rifle, his sidearm, and his skills with helicopters and especially tanks and armour. This very friendly and welcoming person can be also a big memer, but also a good squadmate or teammate to have around you. I find it weird that PFC Traciak has only been here for two and a half years and still manages from time to time to impress most of us. You have quite an impressive arsenal of skills to your advantage, but you have a long way to go. With this, I’m glad to award PFC Traciak his fifth Army Of Occupation medal, and let us hope that you’ll stick around for a while, to show us that you can still improve. Stay goofy, keep tonking.


Congratulations PFC!

Tonking Trac, best Trac! Grats!

Quite a memer indeed

Congrats buddy