Two Years of Service (Aaron J. Mattox)

Cpl. Winston said:

Back when I graduated BCT with PFC Mattox two years ago, I had no idea about how positive of an impact he would have on the squad or his importance. First and foremost, PFC Mattox is one of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and helpful members of the squad. More often than not, PFC Mattox will offer gameplay advice to help his squadmates improve their performances, which speaks volumes of his personal character. Although he is often known as the “Eeyore” of the squad, PFC Mattox has proven to be one of the most endearing and welcoming members of DP2S1. His wonderful social abilities have allowed him to befriend and work with practically every 29th member who is lucky enough to come into contact with. To conclude, PFC Mattox demonstrates his skills not just through games, but also his social abilities. So congrats PFC Mattox on two years. I’m glad you’re my friend and proud to have you in DP2S1, and I hope you’ll be here for much longer!


Congrats TP Buddy!

Very nice, Mattox!

Very nice 100-foot wave

Congratulations on the milestone, PFC!