Two Years of Service (Alex Foley)

Sgt. York said:

PFC Foley has been a staple of EP3S2 since the golden era. He has always been a solid CE and rifleman, something i am desperately glad to have. He is part of the old breed that leans more on the quite side, but shows up to pretty much every drill without fail. I am continually surprised to see that I have been in the unit longer than people, this sentiment carries to Foley. It feels like he has always been a part of EP3S2. He was in the squad when I first showed up and with any luck he’ll be here long after I am gone. Whether you are hitting some seriously solid rockets or giving me the occasional laugh with your comments I am happy to see you have been here for two whole years. I look forward to your continued time in the unit, congratulations on your 4th AOCC!

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