Two Years of Service (Alexander Boots)

Cpl. Garrett said:

I have to say that PFC Boots was one of the most interesting characters I encountered when I entered EP4S3 back in the day. He’ll carefully choose what he says, but somehow does so and makes it sound like it was the first thing that popped into his head. But, there’s always a clever hidden meaning to whatever he decides to say. He’s always had a way with words, I mean, he came up with our squad’s slogan when we made the new patch. Like most of the other core members of the squad, he is perfectly capable of holding his own when it comes down to it. For example, he shot the last enemy right in the big toe in mid-air, with seconds left on the clock, winning us the round. I simply don’t know how he does it, and, frankly, I’m too afraid to ask, but he’s been doing it for two whole years now. Congrats, PFC Boots, keep up the great work!

Congrats PFC Boots!