Two Years of Service (Alexander Quartz)

Cpl. Simonson said:

It is always a special occasion when a soldier in the the 29th reaches their 2 year milestone. Arguably the most important time in service medal, the WW1 Victory medal colloquially signifies that the awarded individual has achieved the status of “veteran” within the ranks of the unit. In the two years that PFC Quartz has been in the 29th, he has achieved more than most. Thrust into the role of ASL as a PFC, not only has he not faltered, but has adapted to the rigors of squad leadership with grace and aplomb. Valued for his dedication and respected for his astute observations on any subject, PFC Quartz has continued to demonstrate his quality not only as a leader but as a member of our organization. Therefore It is my pleasure to announce our congratulations to PFC Quartz on his 4th AoCC and his WW1 Victory Medal.


Ayo? Congrats! Salute