Two Years of Service (Andrew C. Bat)

Cpl. Voth said:

T/5 Bat is a well known member of the 29th, famed for his sharpshooting skills in DP3 and Dog Company as a whole. I’ve had the privilege of serving with T/5 Bat in DP3S2 for most of his career in the 29th, first as his squadmate and currently as his squad leader. While he works well with anyone else in the platoon, it’s when he’s alone that T/5 Bat truly excels. On his own, T/5 Bat is a force unto himself; I need not worry or micromanage about his actions on the field. If I needed him to hold down a flank on his own or pierce through the line to hit the enemy from the rear, I can always rely on him and his skill with his rifle. And now comes the time for T/5 Bat to pass another 29th milestone; his fourth AOCC and his first WWIVM. Congratulations, T/5 Bat, it’s been a helluva ride and look forward to many more AOCCs.

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