Two Years of Service (Bram Hapers)

Sgt. Akbulut said:

It’s been two years since B Hapers’s arrival to EP4S1. When I first met him, I was a CE and he was a fresh Pvt. He makes us laugh and keeps us alive on the field. Even before SLT he never hesitated to take an initiative and help his squad. When S1 needed an ASL he took the initiative and started leading us to victory. He is already an amazing AR and he also became a trusty leader. I am more than happy to have him as my ASL. Congrats on your 4th AOCC and first WWI Victory Medal!

Congratulations Hapers!!

Two years now? Sheeeesh! Congrats man!

Congrats B. Hapers!


Congratulations Hapers!

2 Years already, damn