Two Years of Service (Collin P. Magatagan)

Cpl. Officer said:

PFC Magatagan has brought quite the Texas charm to whatever squad he’s been a part of! He started here at the 29th as somewhat of a goofball, but with each passing AoCC he’s proven himself not only a fun morale-boosting goofball, but as a very competent and dedicated member of the team. He’s recently embarked on leadership training, and I foresee good things in the future for him. Furthermore, he’s always getting feedback on performance and working to improve himself and his conduct, which is exactly what we like to see, as this trajectory puts him on the path of success here at the 29th. I’m happy to award PFC Magatagan with his fourth AoCC, representing 2 years here with us, looking forward to seeing several more! Congratulations PFC Magatapan!


Thats my boy!