Two Years of Service (Duje S. Zikov)

Cpl. Fossi said:

PFC Zikov is a legend. When you join a group of people you would think that you need to at least speak, but PFC Zikov proves that you don’t have to. Silent but deadly is his motto and after everybody told him to not use the M1919 MG, he took it to heart to master the .30 Cal. Now he is DP1’s most experienced MG and although he isn’t talking, he brings me to laugh with tears unlike anybody else in the unit. But that is not why we’re here. We are here to celebrate him sticking with us for exactly 2 years, so that’s why we are going to award him his 4th AoCC and his first WW1 Victory Medal, so congratulations PFC Zikov and I hope to write many more of these!

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Congratulations Mr 1919. Many more to come :sunglasses:

Congratulations PFC Zikov!