Two Years of Service (Eric M. Guyette)

PFC Argerham said:

Cpl. Guyette and I met under interesting circumstances, due to the massive shifts in personnel that came with the introduction of EP5, and subsequent change to Fox Company, I was made his ASL after only a few weeks with the squad. Of course being the dauntless leader that he is, the good Cpl. took me under his wing and taught me all that he could about squad leadership. Despite being new to the position himself he did an outstanding job, and has continued to lead FP2S3 with an ability that all SLT candidates hope to achieve. When I learned that Cpl. Guyette had only been here for two years. I was surprised to say the least, he carries himself with the confidence and knowhow of a longtime veteran, and I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings. Congratulations on two years Cpl. Guyette!

Whoa, time flies! Congrats on two years Cpl.!