Two Years of Service (Jack Winston)

Cpl. J. Lee said:

With Cpl. Winston having achieved such significant levels of presence and contribution within the 29th, one could hardly be faulted for thinking he has been a part of the unit for much longer than two years. As a member of leadership, Cpl. Winston has consistently been a positive influence. Constantly guesting, Cpl. Winston frequently gently offers advice and feedback to players and drill leaders alike. In return, he also continually seeks critique to such an extent that he is one of the most humble members I know. Additionally, Cpl. Winston is punctual to a fault; I do not recall him ever failing to deliver paperwork on time. Congratulations on two years, Cpl. Winston! I can’t wait to see how much more you develop and grow.


Welcome to the rainbow club

Congratulations Cpl. Winston!

Congrats, Corporal! It’s great to have you around, it wouldn’t be the same S1 without you!