Two Years of Service (James R. McMeen)

Cpl. Dawdy said:

PFC J. McMeen has reached the finishing line of his first rainbow! An excellent MG within the squad, PFC J. McMeen shows great aptitude and skill in throwing a hail of fire towards enemy emplacements. Easily displacing defender who would have gained a substantial advantage due to superior cover proven folly by his keen direction of fire. Outside of this, PFC J. McMeen has been a cornerstone member of the squad alongside his brother PFC D. McMeen. In fact, the origin of our patch and motto of our benefactor, Lord Harambe, came from a joke these siblings uttered that stuck ever since! With that being said, thank you PFC J. McMeen for all that you do to make DP3S4 a homely place for all. “Stick Around” - Alan “Dutch” Schaefer

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Nice milestone. Congrats for 2 years PFC!

Congrats J. , it is awesome to see how much you have done during this time!